Monday, March 20, 2017

The LIS Specialization

A massive research institution like the University of Michigan, needs a state-of-the-art library system to support it. For this reason, students in the LIS specialization are able to take advantage of the plethora of educational and vocational opportunities that abound on-campus. Many MSI students work part-time in the University of Michigan library system.
With the LIS program housed within the iSchool, rest assured that you will leave with a solid and multidisciplinary degree from an ALA accredited institution. Moreover, you can supplement the LIS-coursework with innovative classes on cutting edge technologies, learn about usability, and develop your programming skills.

You can connect with other library-minded individuals through involvement in the following student organizations:

Many LIS graduates are employed in the southeastern Michigan area. I actually met a LIS grad currently working as a librarian at a local Ann Arbor middle school last term, when I volunteered for the Hour of Code event she’d organized there. However, a number of graduates also receive employment across the nation. Companies hiring LIS-track graduates include the New York Public Library, CNN, and the National Library of Medicine.

Likewise graduates have gone on to land job titles such as Systems Librarian, Database Manager, Information Analyst, Not Your Grandma’s Librarian, and more!

Wherever they go and whatever their titles, these SI grads continue the legacy of using information to better society. You can join the movement to improve humanity… one library at a time.

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