Monday, May 20, 2013

Loan Forgiveness, and other relevant funding information

We know that there are still students out there trying to make a decision about attending UMSI, and future prospective who might be already wondering about their options for funding a graduate education.  There's been lots of discussion in multiple places about funding, and particularly about the U.S. federal government's loan forgiveness program for domestic students, so we wanted to capture that information and put it all in one place.

Here is some of the information:

In addition to the loan forgiveness program, check out the rest of the funding video from the 2013 MSI Visiting Days as well!  You can hear from two of our students and their stories about funding their (out-of-state) UMSI education starting at 11:30 in the video (or starting with the "From the Students and Alumni" tab), including more about the public service loan forgiveness program.

And here are a few other resources from a earlier Facebook discussion.

Links from above

Here's UM's Office of Financial Aid website:  Our goal is to help provide these resources for you, but they are the real experts on the in's and out's of federal aid.

For international students, we just want to remind you about our funding page that is more specific to your situation:

You can always contact with your more specific questions, as well!